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Product Information

What is Tripoli?

Tripoli is a naturally-occurring, special application abrasive mineral used in a variety of industries for sharpening, buffing and polishing end uses. 

There are two key characteristics of Tripoli that separate it from other microcrystalline silica:
  1. Slightly rounded, sub-angular grains, which allow it to polish without scratching
  2. ‘Friable’ nature, where as Tripoli is used, it continually breaks down into successively smaller, finer grains that provide fresh, new surfaces for continued reflectance development.
There are no other known minerals in the world that possess these characteristics.

Tripoli is currently available as a rose or cream colored product.  Ongoing research with this mineral has identified a bleaching process that can produce a bright white product that can expand the range of Tripoli’s present applications in the marketplace.

Visit the Grades page of the Product Information section for more information about the various Tripoli products available.

How Tripoli is Used

The mineral’s unique physical form makes it suitable for a wide range of value-added functions across a variety of industries including:

  1. Cut and color agent in rubbing and buffing compounds
  2. Texturizing agent in paints, coatings and cements
  3. Viscosity control agent
  4. Economical extender for expensive resins
  5. Mild abrasive in commercial and industrial cleaners

The Characteristics and Applications page of the Product Information section of this site contains a detailed recommended use chart for the various grades of Tripoli.


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