American Tripoli, Inc.

Seneca Standard Tripoli

“Seneca Standard” Tripoli was first discovered in 1869 in the extreme southwestern corner of Missouri. The first discovery was one mile from Seneca, Missouri in Newton County, just two years after the town was located and two years before the arrival of the railroad.

Commercially valuable Tripoli is found only in the vicinity of Seneca, Missouri and extends seven square miles into Ottawa County, Oklahoma. Nowhere else in the world is there a material that directly equates to the quality and effectiveness of “Seneca Standard” Tripoli for the price.

Tripoli deposits are of sedimentary origin found in the Boone formation of the lower Mississippian. They occur as horizontal beds, varying from 7 to 12 feet in thickness. Deposit preparation requires removal of 3 to 6 feet of overburden, along with tree and brush growth above. Average size of a quarry deposit is approximately two acres.

Tripoli is found in two distinct colors, rose and cream. It has the characteristic silica absorption but, due to its greater surface area, absorption will run higher than denser silicas. Normal absorption will be from 42% to 50%, and cream will usually run higher than rose. It is believed that originally, Tripoli was all in the cream state and through absorption of the iron from descending surface water, created the rose material.

Tripoli is ripped from its original state using a bulldozer. No explosives are used as was the procedure through 1988. After the ripping process, the crude is loaded into dump trucks and hauled to our shed drying operation. Due to the high moisture content in the original state, the crude is air dried in these sheds for up to five months before manufacturing.

When the crude is adequately dried, the material is hauled to our milling operation for grinding. The ground material is then elevated to holding tanks for the production process. From the raw material holding tanks, the material is conveyed to our dryer, then to the grinding and sizing production processes. The final step is to package the finished product as the customer requests.

Tripoli is shipped to numerous locations in the U.S. and several countries over the entire world and has expanded in the past few years.

Until 1989, Tripoli was sold in three basic sizes. These products consisted of Once Ground, Double Ground, and Air Float. In 1990, American Tripoli introduced a line of fine particle size products to meet the demands of new markets. These products are known as Premium, R-30, C-30, R-15, and C-15.

American Tripoli Inc. is one of the oldest existing mine operations in the entire U.S. We are proud of our past and will continue to emphasis product quality, consistency and service.