Tripoli Characteristics and Applications

Tripoli possesses a natural characteristic of friability, regardless of the size of the particle. The particles will break down, or crumble into smaller particles as it is being applied. Larger Tripoli particles will cut a surface when first applied, and as the particles break down into smaller sizes, they begin to polish, or color the finished item.

It should be remembered that the larger the Tripoli particle size, the more aggressive cut and little polish, or color will be the finished result. The smaller the Tripoli particle size, the less cut and more polish, or color will result.

It should also be remembered that Cream Tripoli is a softer material than Rose Tripoli. Rose Tripoli will always have more cut and less polish ability than Cream Tripoli. Both will produce the same result, but Cream would always be less aggressive.

The item to be buffed or polished will dictate the Tripoli product to be applied. The more aggressive Once Ground Tripoli product will cut heavy metal items such as aluminum bumpers or wheels, where Tripoli R-15 would not even touch the surface. The Tripoli R-15 will provide a mirror finish for a thin brass picture frame with absolutely no cut to the surface.

The above Tripoli characteristics should always be considered before determining which product would provide the desired properties.

Product Recommendation Chart